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Keen to Be Green
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3rd-Sep-2008 09:28 am - Better World Shopper

Great website, I think I'm going to buy the book. Thought you guys might be interested as well: http://www.betterworldshopper.com/book.html

Amazon.com, Borders, Walden Books and Barnes & Noble also carry it. Better yet, call your nearest locally owned book store and see if they have it new or used. Supporting local businesses is green, too!
1st-Sep-2008 09:59 am - Fair Trade
Random Creativity
I'm always one for great prices, and helping out as best I can. I could be greener, but that's a work in progress. Anyway, wanted to share a site that's great. I've been to the store several times (when I lived near it), and enjoy the new items from the many countries. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do, and who knows, you might fight a great gift for someone (or yourself).

no spoon
Hey y'all! I'm new on this page, but I wanted to let you know about this company called Brand of the Free. They sell t-shirts.... organic t-shirts with organic dyes and organic ... whatever you use to screen print. Also, they're all made right here in the US. The designs on the t-shirts themselves are politically geared (pursuit of happiness, 100% organic, Bird on a Wire... pretty cool.)

It's a family owned company with the father doing the books and such, and the youngest son doing the designing. I've known the family since I was in middle school, and they've always been good examples of how to be in life. Good people, healthy living, and doing their part to make this world a better place so I thought I'd chuck it out there to get the word out.

By the way... the link is www.brandofthefree.net

There's more information on the site if you want to check it out!

27th-Aug-2008 11:27 am - Eco-Friendly and New To The Community
blogging vs therapy
Hi everybody. I'm 24, and new to the community. This is my first post, so here's a little bit about me.

I work retail, and enjoy photography as a hobby (would love for it to be my career). I am a Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian (is a vegetarian who does not eat beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish or animal flesh of any kind, but is willing to consume dairy and egg products). I made the change the start of the year since my partner is a vegetarian as well. She's a picky eater, and mostly sticks with carbs (like noodles, breads, cheeses, etc). I figured this would be a great chance to find out who I am, and do a bit of self discovery.

Turns out, I'm loving the change, and so is my body.

We've recently got her parents (my in-laws) to start recycle more than the bottles of wine they drink. They're even starting to do a compost (with the large pile of horse manure in the back field) instead of just throwing everything down the garbage disposal or in the trash. They've also started their own fresh veggie garden behind the pool, and use this compost to help grow them.

Well...that's my life. Besides that, I found this read interesting and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

20th-Aug-2008 01:31 pm - Faux Wood
Here is a blog filled with fun projects and ideas for ways to use faux wood in your life.  Seems pretty green to me if no trees are being cut down or killed right?

13th-Aug-2008 11:33 am - Yesterday's News
Our most recent step toward a greener household, was switching from clumping kitty litter to Yesterday's News. It is made primarily with recycled newspaper. It is more expensive, but really, it evens out if you use the proper amount in the box and empty it once per week. In addition to being a green option, we've noticed a huge decrease in litter box odor, and an improvement in one of our cats allergy symptoms.

If you go here, you can get (print) a $1.50 coupon: http://www.yesterdaysnews.com/couponRequest.html

Pet Supplies has it on sale until the end of August, but I think it is even cheaper at Meijer, if you happen to be near one.
5th-Aug-2008 10:42 am - A Greener Lawn

This week the husband and myself had to purchase a weedwacker.  We opted to go with the Black and Decker electric string trimmer.  It takes an 18 volt battery instead of gasoline and oil.  The nice thing about this line of tools is that there are about 6 of them that can use this same battery.  They are interchagne able.  So down the line if we wanted a chain saw, a leaf blower, an edger, all of them would be electric and all would be able to use this same battery.  Hubby used the weed wacker for the first time on the yard last night and he is VERY pleased with it.  And best of all, no emissions!  

2nd-Aug-2008 01:06 pm - Reuseable Grocery Bags

This product can be found on the website http://www.delight.com.  I have a few reuseable grocery bags from some stores in my area, but no general reuseable bags and certainly not in such fun colors.  Does anyone else own these?  This particular brand is RuMe and the color choices are part of the Spring in New York Collection.  They also come in a set that is called Silicon Valley and is shades of gray, black and white.  I am wondering if they would make a good gift?  Would someone WANT to get these as a gift?  I am thinking I would.  They seem like a good thing to get for that person who seems to have everything too.  And really what a very simple place to start in your every day life/activities to make a green change.  The website sells them as individual bags and in various kit sizes all the way up to this one which includes 3 large bags, 3 smaller ones and 4 produce/Eco Bags.
2nd-Aug-2008 07:07 am - Welcome
I just want to welcome my very first community member "Ihaveblogenvy" (my computer isn't letting me link to your name right now for some odd reason. Anyway, welcome!! I'm excited to see what you have to share :)
1st-Aug-2008 03:44 pm - Intro Post
 I am starting this livejournal community in order to have a centralized place for all lj users and the public alike to come and leave their tips and hints and links about green living.  How to reduce this and recycle that.  What makes a good green gift, what's a good website to show you where to buy it.  Basically a starting point for how to turn life more eco friendly, more eco concious on a baby step to BIG step basis. 
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